Increasing internet user density in recent days; increased the interest and need of companies for a corporate website. The number of trained personnel to meet the needs of software developers is quite low, Güneş software is honored to present this need to you, its customers, with its trained expert staff.

Being aware of the fact that every company has its own character and identity, Güneş Yazılım We are aware that the web design to be made is the face of your company, and our expert team works in that direction..

Pictures and texts to be used for your company are handled meticulously. Detailed information and visuals will be used to increase the customer potential of your company..The suitability of the selected pictures and texts for your company is meticulously researched. Your company's name will appear at the top of search engines...

Güneş software offers desktop programming service.Special web form applications are developed in accordance with the needs of your company. In addition Special application is developed on customer tracking, product control, calculations, analysis and statistical information. You can easily download and use web form applications on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

HTML coding



An application has been developed for dental clinic patient tracking system that keeps treatment results, reports, images and pricing.


The promotion of the products of the companies that sell products, their prices, customer registration, order taking and shipping and product delivery are carried out...

Web Design

We have added a management panel to our site. You can log in to the management panel with your password and register your products, prices and customers..

Many game program has been developed for children to have fun.

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Web Desing
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My Projets

Güneş software uses the latest technologies in its site works.


Digital marketing


Proje 1

Movie and Book Sales Site...

The customer account information on the e-commerce site remains in the bank with the agreement to be made between the bank and the company. No customer information is kept in the company's database..

Communication with the customer is done by e-mail address and phone call..

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Proje 2

Programing Developer...

Car rental, dentist clinic, book, movie recording, game programs were written..

Programming applications are entered with a password. In addition, the codes are written with secret codes against theft. There are transitions between pages. In addition, efforts were made to display the list of the best-selling products and the customers who made the most purchases on the detail page..

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Proje 3


It is published after the pictures of your company are taken and the necessary work is done on them. For this, the customer's taste is very important. Unwanted images or texts cannot be published..

Invoicing the products purchased by the customer on the e-commerce site belongs to the company. No prepaid products are sold..

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Proje 4

Web Tasarım...

The visuals suitable for the web design site are shaped according to the subject of the company. If necessary, the choice of template belongs to the customer..

Every detail on the website is submitted to the customer's approval. Published after approval..

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Proje 5

Stok Kontrol Programı...

With the easily accessible website, it is possible for manufacturers to take their products from the warehouse and send them to customers..

Photographs are taken on each product and work is done on the images. These images are used on the website..

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Proje 6

Desktop Accounting Program.

Web form applications are built to run without internet, on desktop applications or tablets..

It is easy to use and can be installed on the desired computer..

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Proje 7

Electronic Internet Store...

An e-commerce site is written so that you can sell the electronic product store and products with many other categories together..

There are detailed descriptions and images of each product, as well as basket transactions, pricing and invoicing pages..

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Proje 8

Rental Car

Special web design is prepared for companies belonging to the service sector..

Advertising services are also provided on other social media channels for each site offered to customers..

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